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Smart Car Parking System

Traffic jam is one of the biggest inconveniences we face everyday. And the main reason behind this issue is unplanned and illegal parking. Even if there are arrangements for parking, people face a lot of unwanted incidents due to improper management. Our parking systems are not as efficient to tell us if there are slots free inside while we are outside. A lot of the parking arrangements are one way- as a result of which the whole road gets blocked due to cars coming from both sides. Many accidents occur due to manual management despite having barriers. Moreover, it’s difficult to keep the parking slot free of unauthorized people. Which is why, car theft is not a very unfamiliar concept to us. There are also privilege/ VIP parking arrangements that we need to be concerned about. It is often risky and troublesome to manage parking by the help of guards. Even a small parking requires an active team of at least 2-3 members along with a manager to manage them.

To solve these problems at a time is a big challenge. And to do that manually is a more complicated issue. Keeping all these in mind, Pi Labs Bangladesh brings you “Smart Car Parking System”- an automatic digital management system for parking.


Parking Slot Management

Usually, we don’t get to know if there are empty parking slots inside by just taking a look from outside. For that, we either need to get out of the car to check or go inside without knowing and create more traffic. Pi Labs Car Parking Automisation System can easily display how many slots are empty inside a parking. As a result, your time will be saved and the long line of cars would occur no more.

Parking Slot Management

Most of the parking systems in our country are one way. As a result, when two cars come from two directions at the same time, the whole pathway becomes blocked. More often than not, the guards blow their whistles to solve this problem and that creates more inconveniences. Let’s say one car is entering into the parking zone, at the same time another car is coming out of the parking and the two guards are blowing on their whistles continuously. The chaos and confusion are too much to handle. To solve these problems, Pi Labs Car Parking Automisation has an automatic sensor controlled signal system which can detect if a car is coming out of the parking zone or not. Similarly, it can detect whether a car is going in the zone or not.

Slot Automisation

Whenever a car will leave from a particular parking slot, the slot will be shown empty on display. Similarly, whenever a car is parked on a slot, the display will show that the slot is engaged. No manual input is required to make this function. The whole system is accurate and efficient- as a result, both time and sweat are saved.

Automated Barrier Controlled Parking Security

Having cars stolen from parking is a common scenario in our country. That is why, our car parking automisation comes with a login card system. Punching this card will make the barrier go up making way for the car to enter. If none of the slots inside the parking zone are open or if a car is coming out, the barrier will not go up. Using this card, only registered card holders can go in and come out from parking, thus decreasing the possibility of theft.

Parking Log

Data records of how long a card user has used the parking slot can be known from the car parking automisation.

Parking Bill Management

If a fee is applied to parking, the system will tell us how much fee a card holder will have to pay for how many hours of parking.

VIP/ Guest/ Official Car Management

The parking slots can be divided into several categories if need be. Some slots can be used to have extra privileges, separate logbooks, and separate security layers.

Display Automisation

Along with parking related data- time, date and real temperature can also be shown on the display. Advertisement or information about the company can be displayed on scroll as well

Other Facilities

Usually, an active team of 10-15 people including guards are needed at a parking. But this parking requires only one person to supervise the whole system. Hence, both money and labour are saved.


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When the machines are used in all elections, we will be able to stop using tonnes of paper that waste a huge amount of public money.


Electronic Voting Machine is very useful. I wish it will be used in National Election.


BigganBaksho will eradicate the fear and abhorrence children have towards science and at once point, they’ll start loving science.

(About OnnoRokom BigganBaksho)ANISUL HOQUE, Associate Editor, PROTHOM ALO.

I’ve been seen many science kits so far, but never seen such an appropriate yet economical one!

(About OnnoRokom BigganBaksho)

SAORI IMAIZUMI, ICT Innovation and Education Specialist, THE WORLD BANK.

Truly speaking, this is beyond my expectation and a perfect product. I’ve found its accuracy about 99.74% which is great.

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