Rolling Machine Automation

Rolling Machine Automation

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Rolling Machine Automation

Client: Biswas Group.

Is not it absurd of counting fabrics manually in garments sectors while we have been scoring the second position within RMG sectors over the years? through times, we have been counting our finished products according to rolls, or more specifically manually. As a reflection of this reality, we are lagging behind in terms of overall efficiency, time management, competitive edge, record keeping, manpower efficiency. Bringing rolling machine automation can bring dynamism within or between these sectors.

Rolling machine automation means to process or procedure is performed with minimum human assistance in the realm of counting rolled fabrics. It can measure both in length and weight as a predefined quantity is inserted against each unit of length. Its efficiency is tested in a good number of sectors like readymade garments, fabric producing mills and many more.


  • Real-time measurement
  • High accuracy
  • Measuring can be done in length, weight or any other formats
  • Online data storage and monitoring
  • Can be adjusted any type of rolling machine
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