OnnoRokom BigganBaksho (Science kit)

OnnoRokom BigganBaksho (Science kit)

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OnnoRokom BigganBaksho (Science kit)

Client: OnnoRokom Electronics

A well know phrase “ghumiye ase shishur pita shob shishuri ontore” indicates future innovative people from today’s children. Innovative mind can make better world. That’s why our education system takes step for creating future innovative people. Biggan baksho is adding an outstanding dimension on this step. It helps to build up children’s brain and gets chance to experience real world experiment.

BigganBaksho is the first and only science-kit till date in Bangladesh. It consists different types of equipment. With them, many scientific experiments can be done. BigganBaksho is mainly designed for kids of age seven and above.

BigganBaksho contains a guide book and video tutorials. In the manual, instructions about every experiment is written in simple words. Not only that, it also describes why and what’s happening during the experiment with pictures. As a result, a kid could learn a lot of scientific stuff while playing with science! BigganBaksho act as a play thing, but also a mini laboratory.


  • 20+ exclusive experiments to explore in every science kit.
  • Amazing collections of ideas and scientific instruments.
  • Attractive and specially designed manual booklet with story book.
  • Video tutorials included for better learning.
  • First ever Science kit from Bangladesh.
  • Science kits available on Light, Magnetism, Electricity, Chemistry, Measurement.
  • More science kits are coming –  Sound, Robotics etc.
  • Available in Bangla (অন্যরকম বিজ্ঞানবাক্স) and English (OnnoRokom ScienceBox).

How It all happened

The visionary idea of BigganBaksho is from “Pi Labs Bangladesh”, a sister concern of OnnoRokom group. OnnoRokom group always believes in unconventional creative works. Just like these unique path finding ideas, BigganBaksho is the first of its kind in Bangladesh as a science kit specially designed for children. It was introduced firstly in 2014. The topic was Light and the box was named “Color of light”. The BigganBaksho was called Knowledge Box back then. Different kind of experiment with light was included in “Color of Light”.

OnnoRokom group always wanted to do things differently. Something, which will change Bangladesh forever, will make a generation of Dreamers, who will get rid of all the problems of Bangladesh with power of Innovation and endless Love. BigganBaksho is the dream child of this noble concept. Its known to all that our children are our future. Only if we can raise them properly, they will rebuild our beloved Bangladesh. BigganBaksho started its journey hoping to provide necessary confidence and encouragement to these youngster’s highway to betterment.

Philosophy of OnnoRokom BigganBaksho

Main Intentions of OnnoRokom BigganBaksho are:

  • Making a Scientific minded generation, whom will represent Bangladesh proudly to the world.
  • Growing curiosity in kids
  • Teaching to ask questions, a lot of questions!
  • Kick out the useless memorizing phase and reshape their mind to be creative
  • Color their leisure time!
  • Creating interest in their own academic study.

There’s a specific reason why human race is where it is. It’s just because we ask questions. What’s the magic behind fire while two polish stone strike, what’s the element of mysterious light of dirty swamps, how lightening from sky burn huge trees in seconds; if human didn’t want to know these, there wouldn’t be any civilization. There’s no age limit to know, no bounds to learn.

Science is not limited only in the book, its everywhere. How you make static by simply combing, how you can attach two ice; simple interesting things like this makes people wonder about science. Science is not a boring subject needed to memorize thoroughly. OnnoRokom BigganBaksho will not only open the inner “Knowledge hungry” mind of a child, but also make them interested in their academic books.

Once Bangladesh was the example of a poor, God forsaken country to the world. The picture that came to outsider’s mind is a country which is burdened by over population, disastrous natural calamities, all hope abandoned. Time has changed. We regularly triumph in Cricket, hoping to be self-sufficient in technology in near future. As a developing country, we are doing the best among others. OnnoRokom wants to proudly participate in this glorious victory lap with our Out of the box thinking: BigganBaksho.

Children are like wet cement. Whatever they learn at an early stage, that will shape their future. To build a curious and scientific minded generation, we at OnnoRokom are trying heart and soul each day, every day with BigganBaksho.

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