Prohori Vehicle Tracking System

Prohori Vehicle Tracking System

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Prohor i: Vehicle Tracking System (VTS)

Client: OnnoRokom Electronics.

Vehicle tracking system is an automated vehicle monitoring system. Vehicle associated crimes are now very often happened on road. So, the car owner always be tensed about its security. This vehicle tracking system completely remove the car owner from all kinds of insecurity provides a good numbers of important information as well as notification about the car. It also gives an option to control the device remotely and having a hassle free life.


  • Real time tracking
  • Complete anti theft
  • Real time fuel monitoring
  •  Total fleet management
  • Engine status monitoring and control
  • Ac control
  • Panic alert
  • Geo fencing alert
  • Travel history tracking
  • Loud horn
  • Speed violation alert
  • Battery alert
  • User friendly interface
  • Analytical graph and report (Speed summary, Distance traveled, Speed Analysis, AC usage, Engine Runtime analysis).

How it works

It works basically in three different approaches

  1. Collecting data from car environment via sensors and GPS
  2. Sending data to store in database via GSM
  3. Controlling and notifying with SMS via GSM

Stepwise working process

  1. Data collect like engine and air conditioning status from direct sensors and speed, location from GPS module
  2. All the data are transmitting to the server for storing and web use
  3. Notifying info of car status like engine and air conditioning status, battery removal status, panic alarm via sms
  4. Controlling car like engine lock, loud horn via sms

Representing instant location, travel history, utility consumption, distance report, speed report, speed violation, geo fence, fleet management (trip management, driver shift management etc.)

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