AC monitoring system


Profit maximization and cost minimization are the two aspects you must focus on provided that you are not leaving any stone unturned in reaching your corporate goal. Let alone reaching company goal as you are abortive in superintending minimizing cost. Suppose within the setup of your organization there are 100 rooms including 100 air conditioners.

Industrial Auto Timer


Machine is considered to be very important one to run the cycle of heavy industry like chemical industry.  To control heavy industrial machine, much concentration is to be given.  Controlling many machines manually, timing configuration within the harsh environment, maintaining regular load, switching off the machine on time, amalgamating all concern bodies

Digital Display


The Central Procurement Technical Unit (CPTU) is implementing the Public Procurement Reform Project-II under the Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division (IMED), Ministry of Planning. Bangladesh Center for Communication Programs (BCPP) is implementing Social Awareness and Communication on public procurement for the project   as consulting firm of CPTU. Under this program, BCCP has

OnnoRokom BigganBaksho (Science kit)


A well know phrase “ghumiye ase shishur pita shob shishuri ontore” indicates future innovative people from today’s children. Innovative mind can make better world. That’s why our education system takes step for creating future innovative people. BigganBaksho is adding an outstanding dimension on this step. It helps to build up children’s brain and gets chance to experience real world experiment.

Prohori Vehicle Tracking System


Vehicle tracking system is an automated vehicle monitoring system. Vehicle associated crimes are now very often happened on road. So, the car owner always be tensed about its security. This vehicle tracking system completely remove the car owner from all kinds of insecurity provides a good numbers of important information as well as notification about the car. It also gives an option to control the device remotely and having a hassle free life.

Digital Voltage Stabilizer


Digital voltage stabilizer is the only device which can keep the supply voltage within the device running range. Burnout daily necessary electrical devices with any disturbance of commercial power is a curse. Being a third world country, we have lots of blackout, brownout, sag/low, swell/high, such type of power problems. In this kind of condition the only assistance which can actually remove your tension and make you real happier is Digital Voltage Stabilizer. It actually stabilized the supply voltage and give a comfort environment to drive any electrical devices. 

Solar Charge Controller


Solar charge controller is a device to produce electricity from the only source of our solar system that is sun. It’s green and very effective to achieve the daily power demand. Power consumption is a vital financial key player of every sector. Overall production and profit can be hampered for unplanned use of commercial power. Here, solar charge controller can give a freedom to produce own electricity with a single invest of installation/establishment. This single investment insure rotating profit and relief from the burden of so called electric bill. 

Electronic Voting Machine (EVM)


Electronic Voting Machine is the most glorious recognition we have so far achieved. We developed this voting machine in joint venture with IICT, BUET. It is one of the leading products of Pi Labs Bangladesh Ltd. It has shown a new path of technology in home and abroad. It is a machine by which people can give their votes easily. In this system vote casting, counting and result publishing made far more convenient than the usual system.