Project Description

Industrial Auto Timer

Client: Berger Paints Bangladesh Ltd.

Machine is considered to be very important one to run the cycle of heavy industry like chemical industry.  To control heavy industrial machine, much concentration is to be given.  Controlling many machines manually, timing configuration within the harsh environment, maintaining regular load, switching off the machine on time, amalgamating all concern bodies are very challenging.

Moreover, operating machine within off hour requires more presence, labor, working hour. But the question is, despite this much effort, can we ensure safety? A single spark of unconsciousness can bring about a huge hazard. An industrial auto timer can solve all those complications that enables machine to be switch off according to prior set time. It ensures safety, reduces cost by engaging less manpower and less time, improves quality of the product as it does not let machine to operate more than necessary. It has multi-dimensional advantages.

We are proud of being a partner in the success journey of Berger, a market leader of colour in Bangladesh. Let’s have the full story. Once Berger tired of mixing colour manually because of having distinct complications as a manual system is time-consuming, that further enhances production cost through enhancing labour cost. Again, Berger found it difficult to maintain a specific time in producing or having time sensitive products like mixing colour wherein a single proportion of deviation can lead to huge loss. So, it could yet to maintain JIT(Just In Time) management.

Now the question is why Berger did not or couldn’t cope up with this problem? There are certain things that need to be taken into considerations. The challenged Berger found it difficult to solve this problem because it sought for a customized solution. It would seek for robust design so that it could be handled roughly by the labour. Moreover, they would seek for something that ensures after sale service. Local production was not possible as resources were not available.  Metting all of those requirements and overcoming all those problems were difficult to meet as requirement were unique in origin. The moral of the story is depending on imported things is not reliable always. All companies do not provide a customized solution.

It was Pi Labs, an R & D based organization,  that had come forward to solve this problem by producing Industrial Auto Timer. Pi Labs made it happened with proper analysis and a group of experienced experts. Industrial Auto Timer developed by us encourages a customized solution. It is claimed to be up to industrial grade with certain mention able qualities like dust-proof, waterproof, user-friendly and ones.  An industrial auto timer is blessed with certain amenities over the production of time-sensitive products. Here, time can be set. A machine will off automatically on the set time. If the normal process is disrupted by any unavoidable circumstances like electricity disruption, industrial auto timer, Specially designed for industrial motor/machine control,   will resume the machine from just the point it stopped. It ensures product quality, reduces manpower engagement and many more. In sum, in the realm of proper execution of planning, controlling and monitoring of both the system and manpower, a dramatic change has been brought by Industrial Auto Timer.


  • A true technological automation for industry that can minimize time, labor and risk.
  • The industrial auto timer can tolerate load at any level.
  • Adaptable to customizing needs
  • The industrial auto timer can conduct many machines simultaneously and allow auto set technology according to direction
  • Easy to conduct and has a direction board
  • Real automation for industry
  • Machine control in real time
  • Compatible for any type of industrial load
  • Full customization facility
  • Digital input
  • Display for configuration and status
  • Low power consumption.
  • Industrial and robust design
  • Easy going.