Project Description

Home Appliance Control

Think of summer season and being exhausted and tired you are going home. A simple app installed in your smartphone enables you to start your home’s Air Conditioner before reaching you even. Again, what that sounds like if you can start your geyser before reaching home from office in winter? All of those dreams have been transformed into realities by Home Appliance Control. Furthermore, think if it was that all of your light, fans, AC go off whenever you leave your home and get on as you come back or lock your home’s main door remotely or scheduling for doing any task automatically by microwave, cooker, heater, AC, etc. how could be your life then? Obviously awesome. Yes, home appliance control system can make your life quicker and smarter. You can now control your all home appliances by just clicking your smartphone.


  • All home appliances can be controlled
  • Control from a remote location
  • Scheduling can be implemented for controlling devices
  • Control through different communication way
  • Any kind of notification can be achieved via SMS, mail, etc.