Project Description

Digital Voltage Stabilizer

Client: OnnoRokom Electronics.

Digital voltage stabilizer is the only device which can keep the supply voltage within the device running range. Burnout daily necessary electrical devices with any disturbance of commercial power is a curse. Being a third world country, we have lots of blackout, brownout, sag/low, swell/high, such type of power problems. In this kind of condition the only assistance which can actually remove your tension and make you real happier is Digital Voltage Stabilizer. It actually stabilized the supply voltage and give a comfort environment to drive any electrical devices. 

  • Micro controller based
  • Digital display
  • Attractive outlook
  • Fully digital circuitry
  • Specially design for all circumstance in Bangladesh

Real device for protecting electrical devices like refrigeration, TV etc.

Technical Specification
  • 600VA, 1000VA, 1500VA
  • Microcontroller based control mechanism with input, output and status display.
  • Wide input voltage range (80V-280V AC).
  • Accurate output voltage stabilization (220VAC ±5%).
  • Selectable Start-Up delay (10seconds, 4minutes).
  • Electrical Surge and Spike protection, Short circuit, over voltage, under voltage, Overload, over heat protection.
  • Works perfectly with Generator and IPS
  • Regular and Premium version.
  • 3 years warranty with free after sales service.