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“A library is the delivery room for the birth of ideas, a place where history comes to life.”

Library has a greater contribution and impact in civilization and humanity. Denying library means to and leads to denying humanity and modern world existence. However, the conception of library management is not ran in an old way rather it is now more modernized and dynamic.

A library automation system is a total solution designed for a library and to ease the procedure of book entry exit, book searching, registration of the new books, registration of the new user(s), centrally monitoring all the institutions and many more. It also ensures transparency and reduces theft and other unfair practices.

Why library automation system?

It saves time

  • Finding desired book from the shelf is often difficult and time consuming.
  • Library automation helps you finding your desired book within a moment.
  • It saves time in issuing book and returning book.
  • It also saves time by informing which book is available and which is not.

Searching challenging task

  • Sometimes it is very difficult to find a book especially when very few copy is available. No tension. Digital library is here to find it easily.
  • Some borrowers may have bad intention of not returning the book. Digital library can eliminate the chance as everything is recorded. It saves the library from the financial loss.
  • Shelf management.

Maintenance boring work

  • A librarian often does repetitive and boring work like new book issue, book return, book registration, keeping records and other paper work.
  • Digital library is here to help you. Here this sort of work is done by the issuer himself.

Calculating penalty for late coming and not returning

  • A person may make late in returning borrowed books.
  • Previously you needed to find the person(s) manually and it was tough to calculate financial penalty. Again digital library is the solution.

Generating report is easy

  • Report generation is very crucial for a library. It can be daily, monthly, yearly etc. Manually it is difficult to make. Good news is Digital library can make report easily.

Maintaining register is easy

  • As a librarian it is very basic part to register for a new user. There may have hurry when there are more new issuers at a time.
  • Digital library eliminates the burden.

Other basic benefits

  • More accuracy
  • Speed improvement
  • Data consistency
  • More error handling
  • Integrity

 Product demonstration

  • Librarian can perform new registration within a minute.
  • Librarian can check book available for the reader by a single click.
  • Librarian can check out or issue books for a reader by a single scan.
  • Librarian can check in or return books from a reader by a single scan.

Self-Check in/out

  • Reader can check book availability by their own selves
  • Reader can check out/issue books
  • Reader can check in/return books

Anti-Theft Detection

  • Unissued books can easily captured with reader by the help of this device.
  • Alarm and light will notify any occurrence.

Shelf Management

  • Librarian can manage books and books shelves very easily.
  • Librarian can find books and its position in selves.


  • Easy and thin book tags can track the book every easily.

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When the machines are used in all elections, we will be able to stop using tonnes of paper that waste a huge amount of public money.


Electronic Voting Machine is very useful. I wish it will be used in National Election.


BigganBaksho will eradicate the fear and abhorrence children have towards science and at once point, they’ll start loving science.

(About OnnoRokom BigganBaksho)ANISUL HOQUE, Associate Editor, PROTHOM ALO.

I’ve been seen many science kits so far, but never seen such an appropriate yet economical one!

(About OnnoRokom BigganBaksho)

SAORI IMAIZUMI, ICT Innovation and Education Specialist, THE WORLD BANK.

Truly speaking, this is beyond my expectation and a perfect product. I’ve found its accuracy about 99.74% which is great.

(About Syringe Infusion Pump)


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